jeu. Fév 22nd, 2024
Christopher Kyvetos,
Fashion Buying Menswear Director at Mytheresa

How is buying evolving in the age of phygital seasons and the metaverse?
I don’t think the metaverse is influencing our buying at the moment. I have no doubt it will at some point and this is exciting for us, however we’re focused for now on our core business, keeping an open mind as always. 

In my opinion, “phygital” buying is here to stay and I have to say that it has been working really well for us. Buying digitally is also how our customers shop on Mytheresa after all. 


How are you approaching buying this season, where physical appointments (and life) are back but much of the fashion process remains digital?
It is of course nice to attend shows and visit showrooms again, my team and I are looking forward to more of that in 2022. Yet it isn’t necessarily a major change for us to keep doing some appointments digitally, as we’ve been doing a lot of digital buying even before the pandemic already.


Tailoring vs. Streetwear: who could win the match this time? 
I am not sure there is a match between tailoring and streetwear going on. It all comes down to one’s preferences and personal style. 

If I had to describe the upcoming Fall/Winter ’22 season in one word, I would say ‘Performance’ – products need to perform well, and that implies high durability. Durability is real sustainability. 


What’s in your radar personally? 
Prada is my fantasy wardrobe for this Fall/Winter ’22, and probably will be for another couple of seasons. However, my personal must-haves for this season will be some outerwear high-performance items from the Japanese brand and wander.