LNB: How do you organise your remote sales meetings when you can’t meet your customers in person? 
EC: We contact each of our customers individually. Being based in Japan, we often have significant time differences and need to organise ourselves on a case by case basis. 

LNB: What is your favourite feature on Le New Black?
EC: We really like the showroom interface which is very aesthetic. It is also very easy to place orders on Le New Black, and to modify or confirm them later in just a few clicks. 

The Maison Mihara Yasuhiro collections are presented on the brand’s digital showroom. Their B2B customers can then validate their pre-orders made on the iPad application in the physical showroom or directly on the web by the brand’s sales teams. During and after the sales season, the sales and audience reports allow the teams to perform seasonal analysis, and thus increase their results.